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Just far from Hanoi around 160 km with 3 and half hours to get there, HaLong Bay is always the best option when you come to visit in VietNam.


Loacated on the northest of Viet Nam in Quang Ninh province, belongs to Halong city, Cam Pha and a part of  Van Don District.Halong bay is a center of a larger zone which includes Bai Tu Long Bay to the Northest and Lan Ha Bay ( a part of Cat Ba Island)to the Southwest.These zones features thousands of limestones karstswith similar geological, geographical, geomorphological, climate and cultural characters.


With nearly 2000 islands of different sizes and shapes, Halong Bay is not only beautiful landscapes and seacapes but also majestic caves and grottoes.

The Bay  has a 120 km long coastline and is approximately 1,553 km2 insize and be designated as the World Natural Heritage Site incoporates 434km2 with 775 islets, of which the core zone is delimited by 69 points: Dau Go islands on the West, Ba Ham lake on the South and Cong Tay Island on the East.

  • Population:


With the big area of Quang Ninh province, ranges from tens to thousands of hectares in size, mainly in the East and Southeast of Halong Bay but the population is approximately 1540 people including 40 inhabited.In recently, thousands of villigers have been starting to settle down on the pristine islands and build new communities in Halong City or in Van Don District.


Almost villagers live in Cua Van, Ba Hang or Cap De Fishing Villages. Residents  of Bay mostly live on boat and rafts buoyed by tires and plastic jugs to facilitate the fishing, cultivating and breeding of aquatic and marine species.


Nowaday the life of Halong Bay inhabitants has much improved due to the developping of tourism with many new travel businesses.The Floating Village becomes one the sightseeing place unforgettable in each itinerary of all tour program from tour operators.


At present, The Quang Ninh provincial goverment has a policy to relocate the households living in the bay to resettle in order to stabilize their life and to protect the landscape of the heritage zone. Over 300 housholds have been relocated since 2014. This project will continue to be implemented.The province will only  retain a number of Fishing villages for sighseeing tour.

  • Suitable time to visit Halong Bay:


The climate of the Bay is tropical, wet, sea island with 2 seasons: Hot and moist summer and dry and cold winter.The average temperature is from 15 degree celcius to 25 degree celcius and annual rainfall is beetween 2 meters and 2,2 meters.

You can go to visit Halong Bay any time in year cause in each time Halong still have difference beauty.


If you like to do some sport activities: swimming, canoeing, kayaking… you should go to the hot season in summer from end of April until August.But end of this temporaly somestimes will has hard rainny and storm.The best time to disvover Halong Bay from October to the Mar next year.In this time the weather has a litle cold but it is clear to the see the charming in it island on the Bay.


Culture and History:


Beside discover the attactive of thousands island on the bay as well as the beauty of many Caves: Sung Sot, Thien Cung, Dau Go, Hoa Cuong...finding out the value of culture and history of Halong is interesting.


How to go to Halong Bay?

  • By Local Bus:

From Hanoi bus is the most popular transportation cause its convenience.You can easily to take the local  bus mainly from My Dinh Bus Station: Hoang Long Bus, Kalong Bus or more luxury one you can joint with Halong Luxury Limousine bus….Also in Luong Yen or Gia Lam still have but rarely. Normally every 30 minutes will have one bus departing from 5:00 Am untill 21:00 every day.

For this one you can get more experienced of local culture, also the price will be cheap but you have a litlle trouble in comunicate with driver and local people.So you have to check carefully with driver for your stop ( In case of over the point stop or lost the way).

  • By Tourist bus:

          Onother choice can ask some tour organise offer bus ticket Hanoi to Halong Bay (      Can pick - up and drop off at Hanoi Old quater Area).

With this one the service will be guarranted, always have tourist guide take care and you can go directly to your place like your hotel or to the habour to get yout cruise…

  • By Motobike:

If you rent motobile, it very easy and cheap ( just around 20 USD per day) but 4 hours from Hanoi to Halong Bay is not a good choice because the traffic in VietNam is always be difficult challenges for all driver.If you like adventure and discovery, let’s try it

  • By Train:

Halong Express Train depart from Gia Lam everyday twice time from 7:05 and 12:00 but it quiet slowly because of many stop over on the way.By this way you can see the scenery along the way but it just arrive at the train station, so you have to take onother transport to go to your place.

  • By Seaplane:

  • By Helicopter

If you have only one day free, a day trip to Halong Bay is a good choice beside onother places around Hanoi like : Hoa Lu - Tam Coc, Bai Dinh - Trang An or Perfume Pagoda.

Departing from Hanoi around 8:00 to 8:30 AM and get 4 hours discovery the beauty of a thousands islets as well as enjoying many activities : trekking to visit Thien Cung Cave, kayaking or bamboo boat to explorer the daily life of fisher man on Floating village. That will be a nice experience when joining one day tour with Pham Gia Travel.

If you would like more time for relaxing or taking unforgetable memories to see sunrise from sundeck of the cruise in the tranquil dow or just drinking a cup of red wine with your friends or your familly on the sunset party….Let’s spend 2 days - 1 night sleep on the cruise on Halong Bay to memorize all of your moments like that!

Pham Gia Travel will give you many good options depends on your choise with suitable of program and best price quality!

If you are a group of young guys or girls, let’s join with our “Party Cruise”:- Seasun Cruise, Golden Bay Cruise, Golden Star cruise, Imperial Classic Cruise or Cozy Cruise…

If you would like more better quality, you can go with 3 star cruise like: Aclass Legend cruise, Stellar cruise, Royal  Cruise, Imperial Cruise, Oriental Sail…

With luxury one from 4 star up, let’s go with:Carina Cruise, Silver Sea Cruise, Athena Cruise, Viet Beauty Cruise….


And 5 star cruise can do: Paradise Luxury Cruise, Au Co Cruise, Pelican Cruise, Starlight Cruise...


And another option is 3 days - 2 nights: 2 nights sleep on the boat or 1 night sleep on boat and  night sleep in hotel in Cat Ba island, Hotel in Tuan Chau, Hotel in Halong or in Bungalow in Nam Cat or Monkey Island ( Lan Ha Bay). With this program you can both relaxing and enjoying with all of activities on the Bay to get unforgettable time when visit Halong Bay.


That is so some suggestion for you when you would like to visit Halong Bay.To save your time and save your money, do not hesitate to contact us for futher more information or making your trip with us.

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